The Ring of the Nibelungs

Richard Wagner

(in German language with subtitles in English)

For the first time in its history the Salzburg Marionette Theatre staged works by Richard Wagner. A compressed version of the "Ring of the Nibelung" was premiered in co-operation with the Salzburg State Theatre end of March 2012. The staged version guides the spectator in a little more than two hours through Wagner's world of the Ring and shows the best known scenes through unrivalled puppetry of the Salzburg Marionettes. In a very clear manner the audience will be led through Wagner's epos, the simple form will make it also for Wagner beginners or a younger public easily accessable. More than that, the evening will give the Wagner enthusiast plenty of pleasure and musically involving hours taking in advantage Sir Georg Solti's acclaimed recordings of the operas.


2 hours 10 minutes

Directed by

Carl Philip von Maldeghem


Wiener Philharmoniker, Sir Georg Solti, Decca 1958-1964


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