Tears of joy. So lucky to be able to experience this wonderful performance of The Sound of Music in your lovely theater. Such gifted artists and artistry. Don't let this special gift die.

Chris Casterson, 27.09.16

Hinter der Bühne war es so märchenhaft !5

Gaillard Pierrick, 21.09.16

Quite a wonderful production, though my German is very rusty, the puppet masters bring back a real ballet, to this viewer and reader who adores puppetry. atk

Mrs Arthur LKeith, 07.09.15

'Salzburg MAtionette Theatre' is happiest memories from our honeymoon.

Son Steven, 21.08.14

My family of five (two parents and three teenaged daughters) saw your production of The Sound of Music during our recent visit to Salzburg and LOVED it. I hadn't been sure whether a marionette show would be too juvenile for our family, but it wasn't at all. The artistry is truly incredible. The moving story and wonderful music are just like in the show and movie, with additional creative and humorous touches that could only be done in marionette theater. We especially loved when the puppets perform the Lonely Goatherd, and it was fascinating when the puppeteers revealed themselves at the end. It would have been really interesting to see a tour or demonstration as well - maybe you could offer something like that for our next visit? Truly one of our favorite memories from our trip to Germany and Austria.

Amy Jones, 30.07.14

My family & I saw your production "The Sound of Music" in the Staller Center at Stony Brook University. It was amazing!! You are all so very talented and I thank you from the bottom of my heart the craft of puppetry is still around. Bravo!

Kim DiGiovanna, 09.12.13

The Salzburg Marionette Theatre is truly a unique centre of puppetry. I have had the good fortune of seeing a number of productions including Die Fledermaus and The Magic Flute. Please keep up the fantastic work.

David Logan, 21.10.13

Wie gefällt Ihnen unser Theater?


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