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How does a new production take shape?

When the work has been chosen, the stage director and the set designer have to familiarise themselves with the peculiarities of the marionettes and the stage. The ensuing months are devoted to detailed discussion of the staging concept, working out a version suited to marionettes, and deciding on the personality of each character. A suitable recording of the music must also be chosen. The designer sketches the stage set and the costumes according to the concept of the director. On the basis of further drawings, the sculptor carves the heads and assembles the bodies. The marionettes are carved from lime, a soft, light wood, to facilitate the work of the sculptor and the puppeteers. Gradually, the figures make their way into the theatre workshops, where they are painted and fitted with costumes. In the final stage their strings are attached and their mobility tested. The stage set and properties are also made in the theatre workshops and tried out on the stage itself until they fit perfectly.

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