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and the Auditorium

Between the ‘Villa Lasser’ (today called Mozarteum) and the town theatre in the Schwarzstrasse (the Black Street) a noble Arco-Zinnenberg brewery Kaltenhausen decorated a building with a restaurant and a hall back in 1893. The architect was Carl Demel, and Valentin Ceconi was the builder. In 1897 the building and its hall were remodeled into a hotel called ‘Hotel Mirabell’. The ‘Mirabell Casino’ was in the hotel after the Second World War and until 1968; in 1970 remodeling works started in order to enable the Puppet Theatre to perform in a new space. The former dining-room of the hotel became an auditorium with a stage leaving strong impression with its rich plasterwork and paintings even today. An identical plasterwork, only not so luxurious, can be seen in the lobby in front of the auditorium, but it was covered with a plaster ceiling during the partitioning back in 1970/71. The ceiling with its plasterwork sank into oblivion, but was found again during the restoration in 2000. In 2003 the lobby was given back its original look.

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